Facts and Questions

Will it cost me anything to book a holiday through Usemycaravan.co.uk?

The straight forward answer is absolutely not, the price you are shown on each caravan and holiday is the price that you will pay. Usemycaravan.co.uk will NOT charge any extra fees for making a booking.  

Can you guarantee my holiday will be perfect?

Usemycaravan.co.uk  are unable to make any guarantees on this, The reason for this is that we do not own any of the caravans for hire, or the holiday parks listed. We will however, do our upmost best to ensure that people have an enjoyable holiday as we encourage repeat bookings. 

What about pets / children / same sex group bookings etc?

The options are as flexible and individual as you could wish for. We are not like a chain holiday park operator, We do not have a one rule fits all, This is one of the many benefits of holidaying in our private caravans. There are some caravan owners that will be happy to take a booking from those with pets, children, same-sex groups, etc. others will not. We will try to accommodate your requirements. 

How do I receive the booking from a customer?

Whatever point of contact you have chosen to list, will be the method used by those with enquiries or those who want to make a booking. You must provide an email address within your advertisement, however telephone numbers are completely optional.

What sort of information am I allowed to put on my listing?

It is your advert and any of the information you include is completely your choice. We do advise owners that it is best, to be honest with their adverts to avoid any complaints, holiday disappointment and negative reviews. A page will be designed for you from your original submission, We can add as much or as little information as you like. Remember, we can include up to 36 photographs of your caravan, the local area, and attractions or the park itself.

What do I get for my money?

Targeted traffic from search engine enquiries, An example for you, if your caravan is located in East Yorkshire, then those searching for caravans in East Yorkshire, will find your advert online with minimal fuss. You also receive your own Advert which can contain up to 36 photographs of your choice, unlimited text, Along with your pricing and updates to your page via email.  

How much does it cost to list my caravan?

By using Usemycaravan.co.uk,  we provide a cost-effective rent your caravan for hire advertising solution, currently, just £14.99 for 6 months, £17.99 for 6 months or £19.99 for 12 months for your first caravan and just £30 per year for 2+ caravans you may also wish to advertise. All accessible from a single easy to use chat/ email facility.

What do I get when I advertise?

  • Up to 36 photos of your caravan
  • Unlimited amount of text
  • A listing in our directory
  • Your advert will live on the site within 24 hours
  • Updates via email about any your listing

  • How will I know when my years subscription is up?

    The FREE subscription will run from the day that you registered, we will THEN notify you via email when your FREE Subscription will turn into a paid Service expire and this gives you the opportunity to renew for a further 12 months if you choose to do so. (this must be done within 7 days or ad will be removed).

    If you have a paid subscription, then it will automatically continue unless you state to us otherwise.

    Private static caravans for hire in England, Scotland and Wales. Rent your caravan or search for family caravan holidays on UK holiday parks directly from the owner.